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Welcome to Essential Insurance Services, Inc.

We are proud to offer insurance premium audit and underwriting survey services. Our goal is to bring you a high quality, on-time report at a fair price with an emphasis on personal service. The service we can offer is an ESSENTIAL part of making your business more profitable.


***** The states of Washington, Oregon and Wisconsin are now also within the scope of our coverage for both audits and inspections.

***** We are expanding our service offerings in regard to inspections. We will now be able to offer High Value Dwelling inspections. For further information, please contact our office and speak to Brent Edwards or Dale Sluzewski.

***** To improve our delivery service on audits and inspections, customers can now receive an e-mail with links to the completed work. Very quick and easy to use.

***** To improve security and to improve efficiency we will start transferring all completed audits and inspections from the field to our office via our website. Field Representatives will log in to our secure website to upload all completed work. Customers that have inquired about the process of transferring the reports electronically can be assured this process will improve the overall security of this sensitive information.

***** There is a new feature on our customer page. It allows the customer to check on the status of work either pending or recently completed. It shows any progress reports we have logged into our inventory system. If you do not have a log in and password, please contact our office for assistance.

***** We are now able to offer on-line viewing, printing, and downloading of completed premium audits and inspections. In addition to on-line ordering of inspections from this website, now you can also retrieve the completed report with photos and diagrams from the same site. The completed reports will be available anytime for up to one year. After one year we will have them saved in our office for 5 years so they will still be available. Please contact our office for further information.


We have 30 years of experience completing premium audits and loss control inspections for insurance companies in a fifteen state region from the midwest to the northwest including mountainous states and rural areas.

Essential Insurance Services was incorporated in 1995.

Phone: 303-697-9210 or 800-224-4940

Dale Sluzewski - President

Contact via e-mail: dale@eis95.com

Terry Sluzewski - Vice President

Contact via e-mail: terry@eis95.com

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